10 Years After Her Son's Shooting Death in Malden, a Mother Is Desperate for Answers

Cory DiSciscio was shot and killed in Malden, Massachusetts, on Sept. 10, 2010, and his murder remains unsolved

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Every year at this time, the mother of Cory DiSciscio says she hopes this is the year his killer is caught.

It's now been 10 years since Sue Hyde's son was killed at the age of 21. She's still waiting for an answer to the question of who killed him.

"I think every year, I'm surprised," Hyde said. "It's just amazing that they can't catch one person."

It was Sept. 5, 2010, that DiSciscio told his family he was going to meet some friends for a drink in Malden. He was shot to death that night.

"I remember it as clear as day. It's something you'll never forget," Hyde said.

The Middlesex County District Attorney's Office said Friday that investigators believe there were witnesses outside the bar that night. But much to the family's dismay, no one has come forward in all these years.

"There is anger, frustration. Something was taken from you that you will never get back," said Ricky DiSiscio, Cory's brother.

In the years since, the family has struggled.

Hyde says she can't help but wonder every time she is in public if she's standing next to her son's killer.

On another somber anniversary, she hopes that someone will finally be charged.

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