13 Arrested in Connection to Gang-Affiliated Shooting - NBC10 Boston

13 Arrested in Connection to Gang-Affiliated Shooting

The arrests come as the result of a month-long investigation

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    13 Arrested in Connection to Gang-Affiliated Shooting
    Nashua PD

    The Nashua, New Hampshire, Police Department in conjunction with the FBI, arrested 13 individuals on felony level warrants Monday. The arrests were the result of a month-long investigation into a gang-related shooting that took place in April.

    On April 26, officers responded to the Pine Street and Lemoine Street area for a reported shooting incident. Upon arriving at the scene, officers discovered Eric Roman, 24, with a single gunshot to his leg.

    Further investigation helped officers learn that two group of individuals had met in the area of the shooting to engage in a physical altercation. Amid the melee, one male whipped out a handgun and fired it at the group. Both groups fled the area following the fight on foot and in several vehicles.

    Police later identified Travis McPherson, 19, as the shooter. An arrest warrant was obtained and McPherson was promptly taken into custody.

    McPherson faces several charges including, first degree assault, two counts of reckless conduct, and riot.

    After continuing their investigation, police learned that many of the individuals involved in the altercation had gang affiliations. Based on the investigation, arrest warrants were issued for the following suspects:

    Eric Roman, 24-years-old
    Trivino Ullon, 19-years-old
    Alicianna Montalvo, 18-years-old
    Keyion McGlory, 17-years-old
    Angel Santana, 19-years-old
    David Uribe, 22-years-old
    Louis Quiles, 19-years-old
    Jeremy Menendez, 25-years-old
    Jennifer Dion, 33-years-old
    Joshua Valdes, 19-years-old
    Bryan Espinal, 24-years-old

    All of the individuals who were arrested are natives of Nashua. Each were charged with riot.