16 Twins in Class of 100 Graduate From Lunenburg High School

A Massachusetts high school's graduating class has eight sets of twins

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A Massachusetts town is doing a double take this year.

There are eight sets of twins in the graduating class at Lunenburg High School.

In a class of 100 students, 16 of them are twins.

"We've all grown up super close. I don't know, I think it's cool," said Emma Marinchev.

She and her sister, Kate Marinchev, are charter members of the group.

"We were kind of just describing it as, like, built-in friends," Kate said. "Liv and Ethan, we've grow up with them, so just having twins around has been normal for us."

The Fitchburg Sentinel and Enterprise started tracking the group with a front-page story in 2002. Twelve of the Lunenburg twins were photographed on a nature field trip back in the sixth grade. Four sets have been together in class since the the first grade.

"We knew there were a lot of twins in town, and it's well water here, so we're like, 'What's in the well water?'" said Lynn Toomey, the mother of Emma and Kate Marinchev, who has seen the group grow and mature.

"Having that relationship with your sibling, who is a twin, and then having friends that are twins, is really special," she added.

Olivia and Ethan LeBlanc are the only brother-and-sister pairing. They've grown up with each other and the other twins in class.

"I wasn't with my brother as much cause my mom wanted us to do our own thing," said Olivia LeBlanc.

This fall, the twins will all be off doing their own things -- college and new places, separated for the first time in their lives.

"It's definitely a shame, but we're all very close," said Ethan LeBlanc. "I think we'll stay connected."

There are two more sets of twins in town, but they didn't graduate with the class of 2021 because they go to different schools.

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