189 Teachers in Brockton, Massachusetts, Get Pink Slips Over Budget Cuts

The Brockton School District stands to lose $16 million through Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker's proposed budget, which was recently approved by the school committee.

"This is the worst," said Timothy Sullivan, a member of the Ward 7 School Committee. "It's real hard to make that up."

The district is now trying to minimize the deficit by cutting teachers and student programs — 189 teachers have been given pink slips notifying them their job is on the chopping block.

"They have to have their notices by May 15," said Sullivan. "We did our layoff notices last night."

Earlier this year, a vote to close the Goddard Alternative School passed, but Sullivan said the cutbacks continue leaving students with less opportunity.

"Sports after school are being cut, after school programs are being cut. We haven't even got the transportation money from the city," said Sullivan.

The budget proposed by Baker totals $161 million.

Sullivan said last year, 75 percent of students in the district received free or reduced lunch, but said the state doesn't see them part of the program if they're not on some form of public assistance.

"We're not going to give up," said Sullivan. "We're going to hound everybody we can to get every cent we can."

Superintendent Kathleen Smith said the goal is to stabilize the district and build it back up. Her full statement is below:

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