19-Year-Old Cat Abandoned at Logan Airport, But Finds Forever Home

Cats of Tangee's age are rarely seen in shelters, the Animal Rescue League of Boston says

Animal Rescue League of Boston

A 19-year-old cat with kidney issues has a new home after being abandoned at Logan International Airport in Boston.

Tangee was recently left by a man who was apparently moving out of state, according to the Animal Rescue League of Boston. The organization said he handed her to a woman who had driven him to the airport, leaving a note that he was moving to Florida and couldn't bring the animal.

The cat has a microchip but is not registered, ARL said, so the previous owner could not be found.

The league said cats of Tangee's age are rarely seen in animal shelters. She has early signs of renal disease, but is otherwise healthy.

A woman who did not want to be publicly identified adopted Tangee Wednesday, according to the ARL. She told the group that she has a special appreciation for older animals, with several others living in her home.

"We at ARL are absolutely thrilled that Tangee has found a loving home not just for the holidays, but for the rest of her life," communications and media relations officer Mike DeFina said in a statement.

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