2 Arrested, 1 At-Large in Fentanyl Drug Bust

Two suspects were arrested Friday, while a third remains at-large, accused of trafficking a Class B Substance.

Two were arrested in Worcester Friday night for possession of over 100 grams of Fentanyl in an apartment with a 3-year-old child.

Reinaldo Monserrate, 33, and Nicole Auger, 24, are charged with trafficking a Class B substance.

An unnamed 19-year-old female was also inside the apartment at the time of their arrest.

A third suspect involved in the investigation was not located at the scene. The suspect is still at-large and police are withholding the person's name until their arrest.

Along with the Fentanyl, officers found $400 in cash and a digital scale.

Monserrate and Auger will be arraigned on Monday at the Worcester County District Court.

Due to the living conditions in the apartment, police filed a report of abuse or neglect with The Department of Children and Families. 

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