2 Arrested After More Than 20 Cars Vandalized Overnight in Revere, Mass.

It was a rude awakening Wednesday morning for at least 20 car owners in Revere, Massachusetts, who found their vehicles had been vandalized overnight.

James Lyons, 25, and Corey Oliva, 22, are facing charges in connection with the vandalism spree, which involved slashed tires and broken glass.

"All the big cars on the street had gotten slashed, so it was my husband's pickup truck, my son's SUV, down the street the white Jeep right there, and then around the corner was a white box truck," said Terri DiFabio of Revere.

Police say an alert neighbor spotted the suspects in the act.


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"One of the neighbors heard at 2 a.m. there was some noise out here. He looked outside, there was cars peeling, they took off," said George Melo, whose daughter-in-law's car was vandalized.

Revere police responded and found Lyons as he was allegedly slashing the rear tire on a commercial van parked on Winthrop Avenue. They arrested his friend, Oliva, nearby.

Police say both men had knives on them.

"I don't – what reason, for what reason, you just slash tires, you didn't, he didn't steal anything, just destroy property, for what?" said Melo.

Investigators believe the two men slashed tires on more than a dozen cars on Hitchborn Street, at least six more on Winthrop Ave and one on Harris Street – where they also smashed out the window.

"It's a monetary thing, you always have to go, get it fixed, it's just time out of your day, it's just nonsense," DiFabio said.

Lyons is being held on $1,500 bail and Olivia is being held on $500 bail. They're both due back in court Jan. 4.

Additional charges are expected against both men. 

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