2 Dogs Rescued Following Attempted Sale at Flea Market

Two female Shih Tzus were recently rescued from the Lynnway Mart outdoor flea market, where a woman was illegally selling them in the parking lot.

“She was walking around with the first one, which is the younger one and she’s like, ‘anybody want to buy a dog, if you don’t I’m going to have it killed,’” said Lisa Cutting, owner of Oceanview Kennel.

Cutting says one of her clients purchased the dog to get it away from the woman and brought it to her kennel.

Disgusted, Cutting posted a video of the dog on Facebook, and she says she was shocked when another couple came forward saying they had purchased a similar dog at the same flea market the same day.

Cutting said, “They both were in pretty poor condition, they reeked of urine, they were matted.”

Cutting took custody of both dogs, naming them Tiffany and Chanel – and after bathing and grooming them, Cutting brought them to the Animal Rescue League of Boston to be examined by a vet.

The Associate Director of Animal Care and Operations at Animal Rescue League Boston Caitlin Tomlinson said, “Both of them were not spayed and they both have hernias at their umbilical cord, which both need to be repaired, and they both have dental disease as well.”

Tiffany and Chanel are doing much better now and could even be adopted out soon.

But the owners could face animal cruelty charges, if they can be identified.

“We see a lot of road side sales with sick animals, buyer beware, I would not buy a dog out of a parking lot, you have no idea what you’re taking on,” said 
ARL Boston Director of Law Enforcement Lt. Alan Borgal.

The owners are only described as a heavy-set Latino woman and a Hispanic male, driving a dark-colored, older model Toyota.

If you have any information on them or these sales, call the Animal Rescue League of Boston.

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