2 Gas Leaks Found Simultaneously in Maynard After Deadly Explosion, Fire

Eversource had already been making precautionary inspections to look for gas leaks after a man died in a fire

Eversource crews inspect a gas leak in Maynard, Massachusetts, Saturday, Sept. 4, 2021.
NBC10 Boston

Two days after a deadly gas-related explosion and fire at a home in Maynard, Massachusetts, two leaks were reported in the town, fire officials said Saturday.

Neither of the Saturday morning leaks are believed to have posed a risk to the public, Maynard fire Chief Anthony Stowers said in a news release.

The first leak was reported, thanks to the smell of gas, about 9 a.m. near Thompson Street, behind Building 5 of the Mill and Main office complex, fire officials said. While firefighters were there, they were called to the smell of gas on nearby Chandler Street.

In both cases, Eversource was called. Their representatives found gas leaking from a regulator and repaired the leak after isolating it, the department said.

While gas readings indicated there was no danger to residents in the leaks discovered Friday morning, fire officials said, they urged residents to always call 911 to report the smell of gas or a gas-related emergency.

In a statement Saturday, Eversource called the two gas leaks "minor," committed to continued inspections and referred to Thursday's deadly fire:

Eversource crews have remained in the Maynard area since Thursday afternoon’s event working with state and local agencies as we investigate what happened. During our check of the system, our crews discovered and repaired two minor gas leaks, and they will continue inspections throughout the area.

We are deeply saddened by the loss of a resident in the Park Street fire on Thursday and thank the first responders for their heroic efforts.

We will continue reaching out to neighbors and customers to update them as we complete our check of the system over the coming days.

A man is dead after a home explosion in Maynard, Massachusetts.

On Thursday afternoon, firefighters had been called about the smell of gas coming from a home on Park Street. Crews who arrived at the building found smoke coming from its front and side windows and, in the basement, a man dead, Stowers has said.

Two Maynard police officers and a firefighter were also injured in the blaze but are expected to survive, the fire chief said.

Dozens of Eversource workers were on scene Thursday night and Friday morning, digging a hole in front of the home. Fire officials said Friday evening the utility was inspecting supply lines throughout the town as a precaution. The state fire marshal's office is investigating.

"We are deeply saddened by the tragic loss of a resident and the injuries suffered by the emergency responders in the Park Street fire yesterday," Eversource said in a statement Friday. "We will remain in the area to continue monitoring and will work with state and local agencies as we investigate what happened."

The Maynard Fire Department told town residents that Eversource would be making precautionary inspections to look for gas leaks.

In a Facebook post, the department noted the approach from Eversource was precautionary, adding, "This is not the same type of problem that occurred in the Merrimack Valley."

The post was referring to a series of gas explosions that devastated Lawrence, Andover and North Andover in 2018, killing one person, injuring dozens and displacing thousands.

Columbia Gas, the utility behind the deadly gas explosions that rocked Lawrence, Andover and North Andover more than a year and a half ago was sentenced Tuesday to pay a $53 dollar fine and serve three years probation.

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