2 Men Caught on Camera Breaking Into Mansfield Home

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Two men were caught on surveillance video breaking into a home early Tuesday morning in Mansfield, Massachusetts.

The homeowners, Dave and Arlene Coccia, didn't hear a thing. They were sleeping upstairs.

"Clearly, they were quiet," said Dave Coccia. "So I'm sure it's not the first time that this has happened, they were not rookies."

It began when the suspects allegedly started rummaging through Coccia's unlocked car around 3 in the morning. They found a set of house keys and then made their move.

"At 3:10, two gentlemen came right through the front porch door, and one had my keys dangling and he just opened the front door," said Coccia, who reviewed his surveillance camera images after realizing things were missing when he woke up in the morning.

Police believe one of the men is 54-year-old Kevin Gearheart. He was taken into custody Wednesday. Authorities said they know the identity of the second suspect and that a warrant has also been issued for his arrest.

The two took off in a 4-door silver sedan, according to investigators, who also say the men were spotted on surveillance images at a nearby convenience store shortly after the break-in.

"I think it was very brazen," said Coccia. "That surprises me most of all."

The two suspects were in the home on Stearns Avenue for six minutes.

The Coccias say some cash and a laptop were among the items stolen, but they're just thankful the crime didn't end with anyone getting hurt.

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