2 Men Caught on Camera Smashing Their Way Into Dorchester Wireless Store

Two masked and hooded robbers used a brick as they tried to make their way into a wireless store in Boston's Dorchester neighborhood.

The burglary took place early Friday morning, the third time Bendiciones Wireless has been robbed in the last four years. One of the men was caught on camera winding up and throwing the brick as if he were pitching a baseball.

Store owner William Sanchez is angry.

"It got me mad," Sanchez said.

The stretch of Bowdoin Street is no stranger to violence. Natlino Gomes, an employee of Peguero's Market nearby, was shot and killed late last year in the store.

The two burglars didn't get much from the wireless store, bypassing the cash register, cellphones and accessories, instead stealing jewelry and belts.

Sanchez wants to move his store, but he says he can't after the most recent thefts.

"That's money from my family," he said. "I have a family, I have my business already set up. I just have to put more safety in my store."

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