2 People Charged After NH Infant Overdoses on Methadone

Derrick Richards Lewis, 34, and Brianna Lavoie, 25, have both been taken into custody after Lavoie's 1-year-old child overdosed on methadone, police said.

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Two Manchester residents are both in custody in New Hampshire, about a month after a 1-year-old child overdosed in Stoughton, Massachusetts.

Manchester police announced Monday that Derrick Richards Lewis, 34, and Brianna Lavoie, 25, have both been arrested in connection to a July 26 incident involving Lavoie's child.

According to the Manchester Police Department, they were contacted by Stoughton police informing them that a child had overdosed on methadone and they believed the case originated in Manchester.

Police say the people who were with the child at the time told officers they had taken the infant to Ikea in Stoughton to give the mother a break. While in the store, they noticed that the child was lethargic. After the child's breathing slowed, the pair brought the child to a local hospital.

The child was ultimately taken by medical helicopter to Boston Children's Hospital and tested positive for methadone, police said.

A Maine man and woman are facing a number of charges after police in Auburn say their infant overdosed on fentanyl Friday night.

Investigators determined that the child had ingested the methadone prior to leaving for Stoughton, and warrants were issued for both Lavoie and Lewis.

Lavoie was arrested on Aug. 18, and Lewis turned himself in to the Manchester Police Department on Aug. 27, police said. Both are charged with criminal liability to 1st degree assault, reckless conduct (felony), possession of a controlled drug, and endangering the welfare of a child.

Lewis was scheduled to be arraigned Monday in Hillsborough Superior Court - North. Police did not provide any arraignment information for Lavoie. It was not immediately clear if either had obtained an attorney.

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