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2022 NH Election Guide: What to Know About the Major Races on the Ballot

New Hampshire voters have important decisions to make on Election Day -- here's everything you need to know about the names you'll see on the ballot

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The major races in New Hampshire for the 2022 election are heating up, with many of them taking the battle to the debate stage over the last week.

With less than two weeks until the Nov. 8 general election, it's time for residents to decide who gets their vote. Here's what to know about all the major races.

New Hampshire Governor

Republican Gov. Chris Sununu is running for reelection with a challenge from Democratic state Sen. Tom Sherman. The pair squared off in a debate Tuesday, arguing over hot-button issues including energy and abortion.

Sherman, a physician from Rye, argued that the state has veered off track, "with the first abortion ban in modern history and blocking nearly every effort to expand our energy options.” Sununu, seeking his fourth two-year term, countered that under his leadership, the state has become a magnet for businesses and young families attracted to its high wages and personal freedoms.

NH Senate Race

Democratic Incumbent Maggie Hassan is facing Republican Don Bolduc.

In the race for New Hampshire's U.S. Senate seat, incumbent Democrat Maggie Hassan is facing retired Army Brig. Gen. Donald Bolduc. Bolduc is trailing Hassan by around seven points, according to the latest AARP poll.

The first debate between the candidates last week pitted the Democratic incumbent’s record against her Republican rival’s campaign trail rhetoric.

Bolduc accused Hassan of failing constituents by supporting the Biden administration’s economic and energy policies, while she used his own words against him to argue he has undermined democracy and endangered women.

Hassan has made abortion a centerpiece of her campaign. While Bolduc now says he opposes a national abortion ban, she referred to his past statement that he would never oppose anti-abortion legislation (“I’m not going to vote contrary to pro-life”). And she took issue with his recent comments about who should have the authority to set abortion policy.

NH First Congressional District

Democratic Rep. Chris Pappas and Republican Karoline Leavitt are competing in the race for New Hampshire's first district.

In New Hampshire's 1st Congressional District, Karoline Leavitt, a 25-year-old who worked in the Trump administration, is hoping to unseat Democratic incumbent Rep. Chris Pappas, a 40-year-old seeking his third term in office.

The race is currently in a statistical tie. The district, which covers the eastern part of the state and some of the south, including Manchester, has swung back and forth between Democrats and Republicans multiple times. 

The candidates sparred over the problems of inflation, saving Social Security and reforming immigration during their wide-ranging first debate last week.

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