2 Brothers Injured in Triple Shooting in Dorchester

Three people were shot Wednesday evening in Boston's Dorchester neighborhood, according to officials.

Police confirm three male victims went into Boston Medical Center with gunshot wounds after an incident at 81 Draper St.

Authorities initially said two of the victims' injuries were life-threatening, but later confirmed their conditions were stable.

Domingo Darosa was among those shot, but the bullet grazed his leg. He was released from the hospital and got home two hours after the incident. He said he and his brother were sitting on the porch of their Dorchester home at the time.

"He just explained to me that he was hit. I went into survival mode," Darosa recalled. "I picked him up and we flew to the hospital."

Darosa says what happened next is a blur. He raced in his landscaping truck to Boston Medical Center.

"Red lights, medians, push people off the road," Darosa said. "I'm not proud of it, but this is what you've got to do to survive in Dorchester."

No suspect has yet been captured.

"We're doing a canvas of the area, trying to get any witnesses," said Kevin Buckley of the Boston Police Department. "We'll be looking through the area for video."

Police initially said they believed the shooting may be gang-related. But Darosa said that is not true.

"Yeah, I'm in a gang. I've been in a gang all my life. Me, my brothers, my cousins, we're a family. There's 100 of us," he said. "When we come together, there's a big cookout. So they labeled us a gang.

"It went fast, it happened fast. I'm just glad that I got my brother to the hospital in a timely fashion," Darosa said. "Anybody that I ran off the road, big black truck, I do apologize."

Darosa calls Draper Street one of the toughest streets in Dorchester. He has been asking city leaders to implement cameras in the neighborhood, to no avail.

"Anywhere you need to put it, put one to deter people," he said. "It's been a year later and we don't have a camera but then again, we still got the violence."

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