3 Teenage Boys, Including Victim's Son, Charged in Murder

Three teenage boys have been charged in connection to the murder of a woman in Litchfield, Maine, and one of the suspects is the victim's son.

State police spokesman Steve McCausland says the body of 47-year-old Kimberly Mironovas was found just after 2 a.m. Sunday in her home on Hallowell Road.

The three teenagers were arrested in connection to the death. In a closed courtroom Monday, it was revealed that one of the suspects is the victim's 15-year-old son.

Because the suspects are minors, their names have not been released. Court documents say that the son and two friends from Ashland, Massachusetts, came up with a plan to kill Mironovas by crushing up pills and putting them in her wine.

Documents say that when that didn't kill the victim, the teens allegedly strangled her in her bedroom and stabbed her in the neck.

"Absolutely can't believe it," said Edward Donnell, a neighbor of one of the Massachusetts boys.

He and hs wife, Gail, have known the child for years. He was always a big help to the disabled couple.

"I've let that boy in my house many times, left the door unlocked for him," Donnell said. "There's money always out and around the house, we're never missing a penny."

"He takes our trash up every week," Gail Donnell added. "He brings our groceries up the stairs for us."

She says just days ago, she drove her young neighbor to the train station to pick up his friend from Maine.

"They were going to hang out here for a few days and then, I guess, they were going to go back up to Maine for a few days," she said. "They were talking about comics and video games ... They seemed like a couple of teenage boys on spring break."

In a statement, Superintendent James Adams said he had learned two students had been detained, but that Ashland Public Schools had no information besides what had been reported in the media, deferring questions to authorities in Maine.

Two of the boys have been charged with murder. Another is facing a conspiracy to murder charge.

The boys will undergo mental health evaluations. The state is considering a motion to try them as adults.

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