3rd Suspect in Burglary at Rob Gronkowski's House Arrested

The third suspect in the burglary of New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski's home has been arrested.

Shane Denn, 26, of Tewksbury, Massachusetts, was arrested in connection with several crimes in Maine and is being held by the Franklin County Sheriff's Department.

He was arrested around 7 a.m. Thursday after the sheriff's office received a call about suspicious activity on Chesterville Hill Road in Chesterville. A male and a female had reportedly attempted to force their way into a residence.

A sheriff's deputy responding to the scene saw a white Ford Fusion with Massachusetts plates coming off Chesterville Hill Road. He stopped the vehicle, and Denn initially provided him with a false name and date of birth and was arrested for operating without a license. Once at the Franklin County Detention Center, he admitted to his actual identity and was charged with being a fugitive from justice and giving a false name and address.

Denn was wanted in connection with the Feb. 5 break-in at Gronkowski's home in Foxboro as well as several smash-and-grabs and vehicle thefts in Wilmington, Andover and Tewksbury in March.

There is no word yet on when he could be brought back to Massachusetts to face charges here.

The two other suspects in the burglary at Gronkowski's home - Anthony Almeida, 31, of Randolph, and Eric Tyrrell, 28, of Foxboro - were arrested in March. But Denn had evaded capture until now.

Gronkowski discovered the break-in after returning home from Super Bowl LII. Foxboro police released a portion of Gronkowski's 911 call. He could be heard telling the dispatcher: "This is Rob Gronkowski calling, and while I was gone my whole house got robbed, while on the Super Bowl trip. And I just got back."

The Boston Globe reported that none of the stolen items listed in court documents appear to have been Gronkowski's, as his bedroom was locked. But one of his housemates' bedrooms was forced open, and a watch, a bracelet, other jewelry, two 19th century silver dollars and his Social Security card and birth certificate were taken. There was also an earlier report that several safes were stolen.

Police said they recovered the coins, which were sold to a coin dealer, as well as an Apple Watch and a Rolex.

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