4 Accused in Auburn Kidnapping, Rape Appear in Court

A judge has ordered one suspect charged Wednesday in connection with an alleged kidnapping and rape of a 16-year-old girl to be held without bail. 

Krystal Lugo, 23, of Webster, is charged with kidnapping, two counts of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, assault and battery, and larceny under $250.

Lugo is one of four people accused of holding a 16-year-old girl captive at an Auburn, Massachusetts, home, torturing her and one of them raping her.

Her brother, 19-year-old Christopher Lugo, is charged with kidnapping, rape, and drugging to confine.

Yariel Torres-Abee, 22, of Southbridge, is charged with kidnapping, and assault and battery.

Yuleny Ortiz, 19, of Auburn, is charged with kidnapping.

Law enforcement sources told the NBC 10 Boston Investigators last week that the four were arrested Dec. 27 when police rescued a teenage victim at the home where the Lugos lived on White Terrace in Auburn. Her head had been shaved, and she had been drugged, raped and tortured with lit cigarettes.

A machete allegedly was held up to the girl's neck, and Krystal Lugo ordered it to be held harder if she lied, sources said.

Police believe the crime was related to a prior incident, saying the suspects targeted the victim after suspecting she set up a recent home invasion at the White Terrace home. 

Prosecutors said police had been called to the home over 144 times for prior incidents. 

In that alleged home invasion, police said two men entered the home and confronted Christopher Lugo while firing three shots. Authorities believe that the purpose of the home invasion was to steal marijuana.

The house was found to be uninhabitable and was condemned by a building inspector, according to sources.

Since being arrested, all four suspects have been held without bail. 

Krystal Lugo's attorney unsuccessfully argued that she should recieve bail partly because she has an 18-month-old child at home. Prosectors disagreed saying the child was in the home during the alleged incidents. 

Officials say the victim has been reunited with her parents. 

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