4 in New England Among the Dozens Sickened by Romaine

A warning came Tuesday from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to stop eating romaine lettuce.

"I do like romaine," said shopper Sarah McCoy. "I buy it a lot, it's actually the only lettuce I buy."

Health officials say 32 people have gotten sick across the country, including two cases in Massachusetts and two in New Hampshire. Eighteen more have gotten sick in Canada. Romaine lettuce is believed to be the common link.

"It makes me feel a little bit unsafe," said shopper Hillary Godwin.

The CDC is urging people not to eat it, throw it out and clean their refrigerators.

Restaurants are advised not to serve it, and grocery stores are being warned to pull it from their shelves.

The warning went out as shoppers loaded up on groceries for Thanksgiving meals.

"I just grab any lettuce," said Edwin Pabon. "I don't have any particular one, that one's green, that one looks good enough for me, and I just snatch it."

All of the people who became ill in this nationwide outbreak got sick in October. Thirteen people have been hospitalized, one with a form of kidney failure.

All types of romaine lettuce are included in the alert, from whole heads of romaine to bags of precut romaine.

So far no brand, grower or distributor has been identified as the common source of the contamination.

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