Evening Wind Gusts May Affect Power, Tree Stability

Increasing Gusts Set for Evening

New England was grazed Wednesday morning by a powerhouse storm over the Atlantic waters -– a hurricane-force storm center that underwent "bombogenesis," which is what viral media has more recently referred to as a meteorologically non-existent but publically charming term "bomb cyclone."

We see these rapidly strengthening storms near New England with some regularity, but they often fail to make national headlines like the storm over the nation’s midsection two weeks ago. This is largely because the majority of the storm’s power remains over the ocean.

Wednesday’s storm brought 80 to 90 mph wind gusts on the east side of the storm, but that was well out to sea.

As the storm departs, a beautiful day of mild air and sunshine follows. However, air rushing in behind the storm will mean a quickly increasing wind Wednesday evening through the night.

Wind gusts over 50 mph will be creating scattered power outages and tree damage, so our NBC10 Boston, necn and Telemundo Boston First Alert Team continues a First Alert through Wednesday evening.

Thursday will bring a gusty wind again, but it will likely not be as strong. Fair skies and highs in the 50s are in store.

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The coolest air of the next installment comes Friday with highs in the 40s. This means the next disturbance may bring both rain and snow showers late Friday through Friday night.

A couple of inches of snow could be possible in northern New England before a fair and mild Saturday and another fair day Sunday. A weekend of fair weather will truly have a bit of luck, considering showers return to the forecast quickly next week in a pattern typical of New England spring in our exclusive First Alert 10-day forecast.

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