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5 Teens Arrested After Disturbances Involving Dozens at Boston's Carson Beach

At one point, about 70 teenagers were gathered near a bath house, police said, with some harassing lifeguards and bumping into beachgoers

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Five teenagers who'd been part of a large group of unruly beachgoers were arrested Monday at Carson Beach in South Boston, Massachusetts State Police said.

Some people on social media noted a large police presence at the beach Monday night, and the agency provided an update on what they said took place Tuesday.

Around 5 p.m., troopers saw more than 70 teenagers in a courtyard at the McCormack Bath House, according to police. Some were allegedly harassing lifeguards, smoking marijuana in restrooms, chasing each other on bikes through the courtyard and bumping into other people.

One teenager, a 14-year-old male from Boston, is accused of approaching a state police lieutenant and insulting him before being told if he didn't leave the property, he'd be arrested on trespassing charges. Police say he was arrested after leaving and coming back.

Authorities said most of the people who were in the area cleared out, but a group of around 50 returned around 8:30 p.m. and started acting disorderly again.

Two Boston teenagers, 16 and 17, who had allegedly acted aggressively earlier in the day started shouting insults at troopers, according to police.

When a trooper tried to arrest the 16-year-old on a trespassing charge, police said, he pushed off and ran away. He surrendered after the trooper pulled out a stun gun, police said.

The 17-year-old was also arrested after he continued to shout insults at a trooper, police said. Two 16-year-old girls from Boston allegedly tried to stop police from arresting him and were also taken into custody on charges of interfering with a police officer.

All five of the people arrested were released into custody of family members and will be due back in Boston Juvenile Court. Police didn't name them in their news release.

Police said troopers had emphasized to the teenagers that they were welcome on state property, but they would have to follow state rules and not disturb others.

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