This is Why We Had So Much Rain Last Month

We start off the day a little frosty but dry. The severe weather outbreak in the middle of the nation from Tuesday weakened overnight, but the remnant is headed in our direction.

For now, we have a small high-pressure system overhead and it's carrying chilly air from Canada. To our south, there’s a very warm and humid air mass. 

That clash of air masses, warm versus cold, is the reason we have been experiencing so much rain lately. Under fading sunshine Wednesday, we have temperatures topping out close to 60 degrees in a few spots, maybe falling back a little bit during the afternoon as the clouds thicken and a light breeze comes in off the ocean.

Low pressure will ride into New York Wednesday night with rain showers developing in the evening. It will be a very wet night in northern Vermont. Otherwise, we will have light to moderate rain for most of the region.

The driest will be along the south coast. Temperatures overnight will be in the 30s north and 40s south.

Drier air should work in Thursday, but it will remain mostly cloudy with patchy fog and drizzle. High temperature likely in the 40s to low 50s. Another wave of low pressure crosses the region on Friday, with another period of rain. Temperatures again in the 40s and low 50s.

If the timing works out, we should get a couple of hours of sunshine on Saturday. There’s a chance that where the sun does come out, we may jump right into the 70s to near 80 degrees for Comcast Cares day.

It’s kind of a long shot, though, because it’s a difficult call on where the boundary between cooler air in Maine and warmer air in Pennsylvania sets up.

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Much of this week temperatures have been in the 80s to near 90 degrees over the southeastern United States. At some point, that air will make a run at New England. But for now, we don’t see any extended warm and dry weather.

The early call for Sunday is another low pressure system moving along the south coast with a chance of rain in southern New England. But a little change of timing and placement could improve that forecast also.

Stay tuned to our First Alert 10 day forecast for latest updates.

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