Another Wet Friday Ending Our Work Week

We have another day of scattered showers with embedded downpours and thunder ending our New England workweek Friday as it slowly settles southeast across the region from morning to mid-afternoon.

Scattered showers and thunder will continue into the evening, but after dinnertime, these showers will start weakening and evaporate entirely shortly after dark. Friday’s showers are the product of a storm center moving near the Canadian border and launching what is technically a cold front south across the region.

However, there isn’t much cold air with it. In fact, the air behind this system is dry, which allows for plenty of sun Saturday with a northwest wind sloping down off the mountains and hills. This helps to further dry and warm the air as high temperatures reach the 70s.

By late Saturday, not only will some clouds start filtering into New England’s sky from the west, but the northwest breeze will weaken enough that a late day sea breeze will probably develop, cooling the coast by evening.

A storm center moving through the center of the country will spark severe thunderstorms in the Plains States this weekend and some of the clouds well ahead of the system will dim New England’s sun on Sunday,

This increases warmth and moisture moving into the Northeast. It may even result in a few showers Sunday, with the highest chance the farther north and west. For Boston, it’s likely the weekend stays dry, which would be an accomplishment.

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We haven’t had a totally dry weekend in the city since St. Patrick’s Day in mid-March. If all goes as planned, an increasing southwest wind will boost Monday’s high temperature over 80 degrees, providing fuel for an incoming cold front to spawn strong thunderstorms.

Beacause of that, our team has hoisted a First Alert for Monday for potentially damaging storms. If the heat backs off and the storm threat lowers, we’ll take the alert down.

Even as the air cools behind Monday’s storms, the week still looks mild, overall, with the best chance of renewed scattered thunder on Thursday and again on Sunday of Memorial Day weekend in our exclusive First Alert 10-Day Forecast.

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