New Hampshire

8 New Hampshire Teens Arrested for Rioting While Shouting ‘Bike Life'

Eight New Hampshire teenagers were taken into custody Monday night after causing disturbances in two areas of Manchester.

Manchester police said officers were first called to the area of Sheridan Emmit Park around 8 p.m., where a large group of teens were allegedly threatening a man and fighting.

When officers arrived, the teens fled the scene on bicycles.

The victim told police he was able to fend the group off and did not want to pursue any charges.

A short time later at about 8:50 p.m., police received multiple calls regarding a fight with possible weapons in the area of 207 Pine St.

Police said a plain clothes officer arrived to the scene first and saw a juvenile male being beaten with a stick by another group of juveniles.

When other officers attempted to intervene, the suspects began to flee — some on bikes.

Police said other police units arrived and observed disorderly behavior and riot like conditions with the juvenile suspects allegedly throwing rocks at buildings and swinging scooters and sticks around.

Authorities said some suspects were shouting "Bike Life" while others shot cell phone video as the officers pursued them on foot.

Police eventually arrested eight suspects ranging in age 14 to 17. The teens were charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest and riot.

It wasn't immediately clear when they will be arraigned on the charges or if they have attorneys.

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