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Doris Prendiville

Happy Homecoming After 92-Year-Old Returns Home Following Violent Robbery

It was a happy homecoming in Quincy, Massachusetts as a 92-year-old who was assaulted and robbed earlier this month returned to her senior living facility.

Doris Prendiville spent roughly 10 days in rehab recovering from a broken sternum after she was knocked to the ground while on a walk to get the newspaper. She says she never saw it coming.

"Nobody ever expects somebody to treat them like that," Prendiville said. "You go through life thinking happy thoughts, doing ordinary things and all the sudden everything changes."

The attack was caught on camera and a young couple was arrested. Markell Cruz and Kayla Noel-Brown remain behind bars. Noel-Brown was held on $2,500 bail. Cruz was considered dangerous at a hearing Thursday and was ordered held without bail.

As the suspects make their way through the justice system, Prendiville returned home to a pizza party with her friends. She says it is a good thing her memory has gotten worse with age because she can forget the worst of what happened.

"I have always been able to put something on like a blackboard and mentally erase it," Prendiville said.

Prendiville has a long road to recovery with visiting nurses and physical therapy, but she says she is grateful to be home.

"Nothing beats home," she said. "Nothing!"

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