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NH Shop Nominated for Bookstore of the Year Award

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    NH Bookstore Nominated for Award

    A bookstore in Concord, New Hampshire, is surviving and thriving in the electronic age.

    (Published Tuesday, Jan. 30, 2018)

    Gibson's Bookstore in Concord, New Hampshire, is a bustling local meeting spot for book lovers and independent authors. Now, it's gaining national attention.

    Recently, the brick and mortar store was nominated for Bookstore of the Year by Publishers Weekly.

    "We're just happy to be on that list," said Gibson's owner Michael Herrman. "It was a fantastic feeling. We've been working very hard. We have a lot of enthusiastic booksellers here and a wonderful community of readers and a great city to work with."

    Marjorie Burke of Weare is an independent author who sells her books at Gibson's.

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    "I self-publish the book and have Gibson's here willing to host me with a book event and sell my books," Burke said. "It's been wonderful."

    Herrman said he takes pride in knowing and accomodating Gibson's customers and independent authors.

    "I've come to know thousands of people, literally. I mean, I know them by name," Herrman said.

    Although Herrman was surprised to get the recognition, he said people are gravitating to local options.

    "There's a movement towards localism," Herrman said. "There's the slow food movement. There's shop local. There's all kind of things. People are looking for authenticity and real experiences out in the physical world."

    "I will take a physical book any day over an audio book," agreed Steve Freeborn of Laconia.

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    Although the winner hasn't been announced yet, Herrman feels optimistic.

    "In my mind, we've already won," Herrman said. "It's a cliche that it's just an honor to be nominated, but it is."

    The winner of the Bookstore of the Year will be announced in late March. The official award will be given in New York in May at the book expo.

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