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Harry's Bar & Grill in Brighton May Be Torn Down to Make Way for Apartments

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    Yet another neighborhood watering hole in Boston could be demolished in order to make way for a residential building, though it will apparently have the option to return to the site.

    Universal Hub is reporting that a developer is looking to build a seven-story apartment complex in the space where Harry's Bar & Grill currently resides along with a location of Subway and a convenience store. The post mentions that Yan Schechter says he will leave a space within the building where Harry's could return, with the developer also stating that he is "committed to implementing the principle of New Urbanism, which promotes the creation of walkable, human scaled places that enhance local economies, improve public health, and build stronger communities."

    Over the past few years, a number of Boston bars have been shut down and replaced (or are slated to be replaced) by residential developments, including the Cornerstone Pub, the Stadium Sports Bar and Grill, and the Williams Tavern in South Boston, The Littlest Bar and The Times in downtown Boston, and James's Gate in Jamaica Plain.

    A community meeting on the proposal will be held by the Boston Planning & Development Agency (BPDA) on Wednesday, Feb. 15.

    The address for Harry's Bar & Grill is 1430 Commonwealth Avenue, Brighton, MA, 02135.

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