'Heart-Wrenching to See': Mother Reacts to Video of Son's Wild Arrest - NBC10 Boston

'Heart-Wrenching to See': Mother Reacts to Video of Son's Wild Arrest

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    Mother Speaks Aobut Son's Wild Arrest

    Tines Morgan could tell something was wrong when she spoke to her son, Michael Perry, on Wednesday. Overnight, he was arrested during a violent encounter after jumping out a window to evade officers in Boston.

    (Published Friday, March 3, 2017)

    Tines Morgan could barely watch the video of her son lunging out of the third floor window of a Boston hotel.

    "Thirty feet, he should have been dead," Morgan said Friday.

    Morgan says her son, 31-year-old Michael Perry, called her late Wednesday. She says she could tell something was wrong.

    "That's not my son, that type of behavior is not my son," she said. "He was raised well. To be around him is a joy. He is funny, his laughter, he is hardworking, articulate, very intelligent."

    According to Boston police, a man flagged them down early Thursday. He was bleeding and said he had been attacked inside a room at the South End's Chandler Inn and only managed to get away by scaling the fire escape from the third floor.

    Police went to the room and found a combative Perry.

    "Unfortunately, he has a mental illness, and when he is off the medicine, or interference with the other medicine, this is what happens," Morgan said.

    Officers said as he resisted, they used a stun gun on him.

    Perry then lunged out of the third floor window, onto an awning below. There, two SWAT officers tried to tackle him. Perry evaded them, partially landing on a car as he fell to the ground below.

    "He is very lucky that he is alive today," Steven Topazio, Perry's lawyer, said Friday. "How he fell out the window, I'm not sure, I'm looking into that."

    During his arraignment, a judge ordered Perry undergo a mental evaluation. He was also ordered to have no contact with any witnesses.

    Perry's mom says she is thankful her son is getting help, as she apologized to the victim's family.

    "The other Mikey that I saw last night, that was definitely not my son," she said. "So it is very heart-wrenching to see my son mentally decline like that."

    The victim's condition was not available Friday evening.