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'I Will Laugh While You Scream': Man Threatened to Kill, Rape Mass. College Professor

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    Man Accused of Sending Harvard Professor Violent Emails

    A Rhode Island man is facing charges after allegedly threatening a Harvard University professor.

    (Published Wednesday, April 24, 2019)

    Editor's note: The contents of this story may be disturbing to some readers.

    A Rhode Island man is facing federal charges for allegedly sending a series of violent and threatening emails to a Massachusetts college professor in which he threatened to rape her, rip her face off and eat her alive.

    Matthew Haviland, 30, of North Kingstown, was arrested Wednesday and charged with cyberstalking and transmitting a threat in interstate commerce. He was arraigned Wednesday afternoon in federal court in Boston.

    According to the U.S. Attorney's Office, Haviland sent a Harvard University professor a string of 28 emails over the span of several hours on March 20, containing messages including threats like, "I will rip your limb from your body and eat it, piece by piece," and "I will bite through your eyeballs while you're still alive, and I will laugh while you scream."

    RI Man Charged After Violent Threats Toward Professor

    [NECN] RI Man Charged After Violent Threats Toward Professor

    A Rhode Island man has been arrested on federal charges after he allegedly made dozens of disturbing threats.

    (Published Wednesday, April 24, 2019)

    The professor has published and spoken in favor of abortion rights, and federal prosecutors said several of Haviland's emails referenced this. In two successive e-mails, he wrote, "You will be held accountable for every [expletive] baby you murdered through your horrible deception of they are not humans," and "You will have your face ripped off and eaten by me, personally. I will enjoy raping your body after you’re dead. And that will only be the start."

    Haviland, who on YouTube is vocal about his anti-abortion views, attended college in Boston until 2012.

    The federal complaint also includes a description of abortion-related messages Haviland is alleged to have sent or posted on the internet.

    Those messages included approximately 114 voice messages that he left overnight at a women’s medical center beginning April 4, and text messages he sent to an acquaintance that included the following: "It never was a Woman’s rights issue. It’s literally killing babies. That’s All it is, and We want you to stop it. Or we will kill you to do it. It’s that Serious. It’s not a Joke." In an internet posting allegedly written on March 29, prosecutors said Haviland wrote, "You guys are so evil and so brainwashed, I would kill every one of you with my bare hands—or AT LEAST kill every abortion doctor."

    The charges of cyberstalking and transmitting a threat in interstate commerce carry a sentence of up to five years in prison and a fine of up to $250,000.

    The investigation is ongoing, and is being conducted by the FBI with assistance from Warwick and North Kingstown, Rhode Island police.

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