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Jack's Abby in Framingham May Open a Bakery

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    by Marc Hurwitz

    A brewery west of Boston that moved to a much larger space a few years ago and has since expanded within its space could be adding something new to the facility.

    The Framingham TAB is reporting that Jack's Abby in Framingham is planning to make renovations to a warehouse area within its Clinton Street building, with the section including office and retail space a bakery being considered among its plans. The proposal, which is expected to be looked at by the Planning Board this Thursday, would apparently be used for the making of pizza and pretzels and while the bakery area would mainly be used for offerings at the restaurant on the premises, they are looking into having it be open to the public as its own business at some point.

    In addition to its brewery and restaurant/beer hall area, the Jack's Abby space also includes the Springdale Barrel Room, which focuses on barrel-aged beers.

    The address for Jack's Abby and the Springdale Barrel Room is 100-102 Clinton Street, Framingham, MA, 01702. The website for Jack's Abby can be found at https://jacksabby.com/ while the website for the Springdale Barrel Room is at https://springdalebeer.com/

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