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Laurel or Yanny? NBC10 Boston Staffers Weigh In



    Audio Experts Weigh in on Yanny-Laurel Dispute

    The internet is split on whether an audio clip is saying "yanny" or "laurel."

    (Published Wednesday, May 16, 2018)

    In case you've missed it there is a serious sound question floating around on the Internet right now.

    There's a sound clip of a voice saying either "yanny" or "laurel" and it's driving people mad. Seriously, don't dive down this rabbit hole if you're not prepared for a little tussle and possibly a little outrage with other's answers.

    "My ears are different from your ears, just cause of the normal process of aging and hearing other sounds," Dr. Kevin Frank at Massachusetts Eye and Ear explained. "All of our brains approach things from a little different perspective. And when you can intentionally make a signal that's just ambiguous enough, your brain knows what to do with it."

    So does the video say "laurel," "yanny" or something totally different? Here's what some of our NBC10 Boston, necn and Telemundo Boston staffers had to say:

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