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MIT Students Drop Piano Off Roof

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    MIT Students Bring Back Tradition of Dropping Piano

    On the last day to drop a class at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, students also drop a piano off the roof of a dorm.

    (Published Thursday, April 27, 2017)

    Students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology dropped a piano off the roof Thursday as part of a tradition.

    The tradition, dating back to 1972, sees students drop a non-working piano, often donated by alumni, off the roof of the Baker House on the last day students can drop a class.

    Residents say the first year the incident happened, a resident of the dorm pushed his own piano off the roof, sparking the tradition. In the 1980s, the date of the drop was changed to correlate with the class drop deadline.

    After the piano crashes, students rush the drop zone to pluck up pieces as memorabilia.

    As the Boston Globe reports, students took a "gap year," skipping 2016.

    This year, the students used the drop as a fundraising opportunity for a non-profit educational organization known as the "Stepping Stone Foundation."

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