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Brady Biographer Says It's Time for QB to Retire

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    (Published Monday, Feb. 5, 2018)

    A sportswriter who spent months with Tom Brady and his family while penning a biography about him says he thinks it's time for the quarterback to retire.

    Charles P. Pierce, author of "Moving the Chains: Tom Brady and the Pursuit of Everything," wrote a piece for on Tuesday titled "Time to hang them up, Tom." In it, he compares the legendary Patriots quarterback to Rob Gronkowski amid speculation that the tight end may retire after the physical toll his body has sustained in eight seasons in the NFL, including a concussion suffered in this year's AFC title game.

    "Gronkowski is 28 years old and this is the way he thinks because this is the way all sensible football players think these days," Pierce wrote. "...Tom Brady is 40. It is time for Brady to start thinking the way all sensible football players should think these days."

    In the last two seasons, Pierce said Brady has been hit hard due to a less effective offensive line than in previous years.

    The biographer emphasized his relationship with Brady, expressing that it was the quarterback's health and livelihood, and not his performance, that was a concern.

    "Because I came to like him and his family, I feel somewhat free to tell Brady that it's time to hang them up," he wrote. "Forget this fantasy about playing until you're 50 ... There is nothing missing from your resume. Your legacy is as vast and solid as that of any other professional athlete who ever lived. You have young children and absolutely nothing to prove."

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