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Source: Trump, Romney to Discuss Sec. of State Position

Romney made headlines earlier this year when he called Trump a "phony" and "fraud" during the president-elect's campaign



    President-Elect Trump to Meet With Romney

    While Mitt Romney and Donald Trump traded jabs throughout the presidential campaign, the former Massachusetts governor and 2012 presidential runner-up is under consideration for secretary of state, a source tells NBC News. (Published Thursday, Nov. 17, 2016)

    Former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney will meet with President-elect Donald Trump this weekend to discuss the position of Secretary of State, a source tells NBC News.

    It's unclear if Romney, who was one of Trump's more vocal critics within the GOP, will meet with Trump at Trump Tower or at another location on Sunday.

    Trump has stayed mostly within the confines of his 5th Avenue skyscraper since his visit to Washington last Thursday to meet with President Obama and congressional leaders; however, he's still meeting with potential cabinet members and plans to meet with Japanes Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on Thursday.

    Earlier this year during the presidential campaign, the former Massachusetts governor criticized Trump's candidacy, calling him a "phony" and "fraud."

    "His promises are as worthless as a degree from Trump University," Romney said. "He's playing members of the American public for suckers. He gets a free ride to the White House and all we get is a lousy hat."