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NBC10 Boston Responds: Washed Out



    NBC10 Boston Responds: Washed Out

    NBC10 Boston Responds helped Jennifer Anwach get her money back from Sears after the washing machine she purchased from them broke down.

    (Published Tuesday, May 8, 2018)

    A Kenmore washer has been kicked to the curb at Jennifer Awrach’s house.

    "I think it should have gone more than four years without having a catastrophic event like this," Awrach said.

    The machine recently broke.

    "It was leaking out from underneath it," explained Awrach. "I then contacted a technician to come out early February, and he told me the washing machine is not repairable. It needs to be replaced. The transmission had blown."

    She was upset to hear that her pricey washer couldn’t be fixed.

    "At that point I contacted Sears, hoping that they would give me some kind of credit toward a new machine," said Awrach. "They told me that it was out of warranty, and there was nothing they could do. They agreed it shouldn’t have happened, but again they said out of warranty we can’t help you."

    She reached out to Sears corporate, but didn’t have any luck there either.

    "I think that companies need to stand by their products. After two weeks of going back and forth with the customer service people, I contacted NBC10 Boston," said Awrach.

    We contacted Sears, and asked them to take a look at Awrach’s complaint, and got some action.

    Sears tells us: "Our member services team has resolved Ms. Awrach’s situation with her washing machine, by offering her a 30 percent discount toward the purchase of a new washer from Sears."

    The member services team also educated Awrach on the manufacturer’s recommended guidelines to prevent washing machine failure by not overloading or using the wrong type or amount of detergent.

    Awrach says she never overloaded the washer or used the wrong detergent, but she is pleased with the resolution.

    “I was very happy that I contacted NBC Boston, because I got nowhere on my own,” she said.

    If you are considering buying an extended warranty on an appliance like a washing machine, beware of the fine print. Some plans have many outs to deny coverage. If you go without one, experts advise you start setting aside money to cover the cost of unexpected repairs.

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