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Players Dream of Winning $667M Mega Millions Jackpot

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    Mega Millions Jackpot Hits Record High

    Millions of Americans are hoping to win a $667 million jackpot from Mega Millions.

    (Published Tuesday, Oct. 16, 2018)

    When the Mega Millions jackpot climbs to $667 million, even the most inexperienced gamblers come to play.

    "Cause it's a dream," said Carlene Bergeron who picked up her tickets at Ted's Stateline Mobil in Methuen, Massachusetts.

    And for those who have been playing for years and have never won, they're hoping this could be the day.

    "Oh yeah, I feel the luck, yeah," said Methuen resident George Graham.

    Golf Ball Kills 6-Year-Old

    [NATL] Golf Ball Kills 6-Year-Old

    Community members in Orem, Utah are in shock after a freak golfing accident killed a little girl. Investigators say 6-year-old Aria Hill was sitting in a golf cart next to a tee box when her father hit a ball that struck her in the back of the head.

    (Published Wednesday, July 17, 2019)

    It's the largest Mega Millions drawing ever and the third highest jackpot in U.S. lottery history, yielding a lump sum, cash payout of $380 million.

    That would make you instantly richer than Taylor Swift.

    You could buy the most expensive house for sale in the United States, start a major league soccer team, or buy the world's most expensive shoe. And you would still have money left over.

    "I'd buy a new Corvette and update my old one," laughed Carlos Elias of Methuen.

    "I would build a couple good size buildings to help the homeless," said Freddy Medeiros of Atkinson, New Hampshire.

    "I'd buy a house," Bergeron said. "I would love my own house."

    Prime Day Surpasses Black Friday and Cyber Monday

    [NATL] Prime Day Surpasses Black Friday and Cyber Monday Despite Protests and Strikes

    Amazon's 2019 summer blow-out sold more items than Black Friday and Cyber Monday combined, according to the e-commerce behemoth, despite strikes and protests scheduled to coincide with Prime Day.

    (Published Wednesday, July 17, 2019)

    Some people were feeling so lucky Tuesday, they doubled up, pairing the Mega Millions with the $345 million Powerball jackpot for a one-in-88-quadrillion chance to become a billionaire.

    "It's always fun to dream," said Linda Boivin, who was walking out of Ted's with one ticket for each game.

    The Mega Millions drawing is at 11 p.m. Tuesday. In most places, you have until 10:45 pm to buy your tickets.

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