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Row 34 Is Going All Out for 'Extreme Beer Fest'

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    Row 34 Is Going All Out for 'Extreme Beer Fest'

    In honor of one of the year's best beer festivals, Fort Point's Row 34 is hosting a weekend of events featuring some of the best beer you're likely to find on tap anywhere in once place.

    While Extreme Beer Fest is taking place next door at World Trade Center, Row 34 will be showcasing the beers from neighbor Trillium Brewing Company, Brooklyn's IPA powerhouse, Other Half Brewing Company, Everett's Night Shift Brewing, and a host of other rare and hard-to-find craft beers.

    Which is only fitting, as EBF itself will feature 80 craft breweries from around the world and nearly 400 beers of all stripes.

    Seeing how the festival is totally sold out, finding a table at Row 34 might be your next best bet.

    Here's the rundown of events:
    Thursday, February 2nd, 5 p.m.

    Trillium & Other Half EBF Kick-Off Draft party

    What's on tap:


    Vicinity Double IPA
    Nelson Free Rise Dry Hopped Saison
    Double Dry Hopped Melcher Street IPA
    Permutations 7 Raspberry Sour Wheat Ale
    Firkin Broken Angel Belgian Strong Pale Ale

    Other Half

    DDH space diamonds DIPA
    DDH All Citra Everything DIPA
    OH/Industrial Arts Brewing Nummy nug nug DIPA
    3rd anniversary DIPA

    Friday, February 3rd, 5 p.m.

    Pouring specialty drafts featuring breweries from Extreme Beer Fest, including Rare Barrel, Crux, Tin Man, AtG, Upland, Carton, 4 Quarters, Breakside, Magnify and more.

    Sunday, February 5th, 10:30 a.m.

    Row 34 is open for brunch and serving up the best of New England breweries to send off event goers, including Mystic (Entropy), Exhibit A  (Cat’s Meow), Notch  (Fodderstompf), Night Shift (Hive Queen, Darkling), Allagash (Emile or Josephine), Kent Falls (Tiny House), Oxbow, Lamplighter, Medusa Cask and Winter Hill.

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