Texas Floods Bring Up Memories for Residents in Lakeville, Massachusetts - NBC10 Boston

Texas Floods Bring Up Memories for Residents in Lakeville, Massachusetts

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    Lakeville Flood Victims Speak Out

    The images of floodwaters in Texas are bringing up a lot of memories for some people on the South Shore of Massachusetts, where there was major flooding from a storm in 2010.

    (Published Wednesday, Aug. 30, 2017)

    As residents in Texas start to think about rebuilding, residents of Lakeville, Massachusetts, have some advice — expect it to take a long time, cost a lot, and drain all of your patience.

    "Everything was pretty much lost," George Protasowicki said, recalling flooding from 2010. "We lost everything that was there."

    Back in March 2010, flooding hit Protasowicki's cottage hard.

    "My floors were just popping from underneath, and the buckling all the floors," he said. "We couldn't sleep here, we couldn't live here because the power was off, they couldn't turn the power was on until the water totally receded and the electric company said it is okay."

    According to Protasowicki, it took more than a year to move back into the cottage.

    "This was bad enough but I cannot imagine," he said, referring to Houston.

    Lakeville Fire Chief Daniel Hopkins remembers the flood well. He was Fire Chief back then, and the flood divided the town into two parts.

    "We put an ambulance and an engine on the other side of town because we were actually closed off from one end to the other end," Hopkins said.

    The chief said the town came together afterwards and rebuilt all that was lost.

    "You do your job," he said.

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