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The Unofficial Rules for Saving a Spot



    The Unofficial Guide to Space Savers in Boston

    Parking your car in Boston when a snowstorm hits is a pain, but Maureen and Heather from Caught in Southie are here to help. (Published Tuesday, Feb. 12, 2019)


    Winter is upon us and we’d like to take a moment and review the time honored Southie tradition of saving parking spots during a snowstorm.  Before we even begin – a snow emergency must be declared in the city of Boston!

    Let’s go over the “rules” agreed upon by our ancestors:

    1. You can’t put something in your spot until AFTER the snowstorm is over.  I understand how inconvenient it is if you have to go to work or a party or wherever and won’t be back until after all the spots on the streets are claimed and you end up five blocks away from your house – but you can’t “hold” your spot until you get back – that’s just bad manners.  It follows the same sentiment as Rule #2
    2. If you did not shovel out your car, you cannot keep the spot.  Self-explanatory, right?  Wrong.   How many times have you seen somebody drive their car out of a spot without shoveling any snow and put a barrel there? Not cool.  You must shovel.
    3. If you move someone’s space saver and park your car in its place, you have no right to complain about what happens to your car.  (Although if someone has prematurely saved a spot – see Rule 1 – you can move it.)
    4. The City allows for space savers up to 48 hours after a storm.  This is just a guideline – not a law.  Don’t be the guy who keeps putting out the spot saver until the spring.  Nobody likes that guy.  If it’s a blizzard with over 20 inches of snow – maybe 48 hours isn’t long enough.  Be respectful of your neighbors.
    5. After the 48 hours are over, the City will pick up any space savers still left out.  Seize this opportunity to get rid of anything laying around your house you want to get rid of i.e. radiators, foosball tables, mattresses, old televisions, whatever you want to get rid of.  Just put it in your space and the City will haul it off.

    We hope this review helps make winter a little more bearable and clears ?up any confusion over spot saving.  Be a good neighbor – take the pledge today!

    Happy shoveling!

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