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VOTE: The Greatest Patriots Team of All-Time Tournament

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    The winner of the Best Patriots Team of All-Time tournament is the squad that won Super Bowl LI.

    (Published Friday, Oct. 20, 2017)

    Deciding on the greatest Patriots team is going to be a sweet time. It's like going to a dessert buffet. You can't make a bad choice.

    There is no shortage of possibilities in the Belichick-Brady run of seven Super Bowls and five championships. Some fans might even make a case for the 18-0 team heading into Super Bowl XLII as the best Patriots team of all-time.

    To get "The Greatest Patriots Team of All-Time Tournament" rolling on Oct. 10, we need to round out the field with a match-up to determine the eighth spot. We decided to take the two Super Bowl teams BTB (Before Tom Brady) and create a "play-in poll", so make your pick between the Patriots Super Bowl XX and XXXI teams.

    Super Bowl XX The Patriots first trip to the Super Bowl is quite memorable, but for the wrong reason. The Patriots were drubbed by the Chicago Bears 46-10, as the New England offense was held to minus-19 yard in the first half. 

    Super Bowl XXXI The Patriots second trip to the Super Bowl was better than the first, but they still came up short to the Green Bay Packers, 35-21. The diminutive punt and kick returner Desmond Howard stole the show with 244 return yards.