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Why Did the Patriots Sign James Harrison? Don't Ask Bill Belichick

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    Brown: 'Harrison Will Create Pressure on the Passing Game'

    Troy Brown says newly acquired linebacker James Harrison will put pressure on the opponents' running and passing game.

    (Published Wednesday, Dec. 27, 2017)

    Those hoping to find out why the New England Patriots decided to sign 39-year-old linebacker James Harrison won't be getting any answers from the team's head coach.

    Bill Belichick was asked repeatedly at Wednesday's press conference about the signing of the long-time Pittsburgh Steelers player, but clearly wanted nothing to do with the line of questioning.

    Here's a brief sampling of some of the questions and his responses:

    Q: How would you describe James Harrison's playing style? 

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    BB: He's played outside linebacker for the Steelers. We'll see how it goes.

    Q: Is there carryover from what they asked him to do and what he could do for your team? 

    BB: Yeah, I don’t know. We'll start working with him and see how it goes.

    Q: What are your thoughts on his career? 

    BB: Good.

    Q: How much of a factor did his experience in big games play a role in the decision to sign him? 

    BB: Yeah, we can’t control any of that.

    Q: You guys have a lot of experience playing against him. Is the process different when bringing in a guy like that as opposed to someone with less experience?

    BB: Every player is different. 

    Q: Do you put any stock into the fact that he could provide valuable intelligence given his familiarity with the Steelers and their system?

    BB: Well, we're playing the Jets this week. I don’t really know what that has to do with it. Maybe I’m missing something. I don’t know.

    Q: When you coached the Pro Bowl, was James Harrison a player of yours? Did you have any familiarity with him prior to yesterday? 

    BB: Yeah, not too much.

    Q: Was important to just meet him yesterday and try to get to know him a bit? 

    BB: It's always good to meet somebody.

    Q: Do you view it as a positive when someone like him comes in late in the year and doesn't have a lot of wear-and-tear on their body from earlier in the season?

    BB: I don’t know. We'll see how it goes. 

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