A Boat Was Taken on Cape Cod. Was It a Case of Theft or Stolen Identity?

Jason Kokosinski doesn't deny he took a motorboat from outside a shop in Barnstable, but after his arrest, he says he'd paid $3,000 for what he thought was the title

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The Mikash is a boat in the center of a storm.

It was taken from outside Mike White's shop in Barnstable, Massachusetts, on Tuesday. White has seen survelliance video.

"It shows him backing up to my boat early in the morning and driving down the hill with it," White said.

Jason Kokosinski doesn't deny that part. He also brought it to his house. But he said he bought the boat off Craigslist from someone who said he was Mike White.

"It was sold to me as a salvage boat and that's what the title says on it as well," Kokosinski said.

He's got a title that's signed by a Mike White, whom he paid $3,000.

But the Mike White who had the Mikash before Kokosinski said: "I don't know who he bought it from because I have the title sitting right at my house."

When he found the boat was missing, White put out the word on social media and it was spotted in Kokosinski's yard. White got the Mikash back and Kokosinski was arrested.

"When I was arrested and booked I told my story and after the end the first thing the detective said to me was… I don't believe you," Kokosinski said.

Because of all of this, Kokosinski can't work. He's a security guard at the Pilgrim Nuclear Power station and, because he's been arrested, he can't carry his gun.

He's in the process of getting a lawyer, hoping to get this all straightened out.

"I think I got scammed," Kokosinski said. "I think someone saw a target of opportunity."

Police had no opinion on Kokosinski's guilt or innocence, only sharing the fact that he was arrested on charges of larceny and receiving stolen property.

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