Framingham Firefighter Arraigned in Connection With Bank Robbery

A Massachusetts firefighter is under arrest and being held without bail after he allegedly robbed a Citizen's Bank inside a Stop & Shop grocery store.

Michael Espinosa, 34, of Framingham, was arraigned Friday in Framingham District Court and charged with armed robbery in connection with the alleged bank robbery. Espinosa is a firefighter with the Framingham Fire Department.

The incident happened Thursday morning at the supermarket bank branch on Route 9 in Natick.

Espinosa allegedly demanded cash from the bank tellers, telling them he was armed with a gun.

Investigators say Espinosa told the clerk, "No dye packs. I have a gun, give me large money bills." He then allegedly handed the teller a brown bag to put the money in. No gun was seen by the clerk, who gave Espinosa about a $1,000 before the firefighter escaped, according to the police report.

Natick police identified the defendant’s motor vehicle, and later found matching clothing to that worn in the bank robbery in Espinosa's home. Court documents show that police found Espinosa with several guns, brass knuckles, a ski mask and a Stop & Shop bag. They didn't find the cash.

Espinosa told them he had already spent all of the money. The firefighters union declined to comment Friday, as did Espinosa's attorney.

In 2015, Espinosa was part of a group of first responders who received awards for their part in rescuing a person in a submerged car. 

Judge Martine Carroll ordered the Espinosa held without bail pending a hearing scheduled for Nov. 16. Espinosa surrendered all firearms to the Framingham Police Department.

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