‘A Little Weird': Man Going to Roslindale Homes Late at Night and Asking for Money

Multiple people living in Boston's Roslindale neighborhood say a man has recently come to their doors at night and asked for cash

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Residents in Boston's Roslindale neighborhood have been posting on Facebook about some unsettling encounters.

They say a man is going door-to-door at residential homes late at night asking for money.

Jim Elliott lives in Roslindale and says he heard his doorbell ring around 10 p.m. Saturday, which he thought was "a little weird."

"He didn't even say 'Hello,' just said, 'Can I have three dollars?' And I got him out of here," Elliott said.

Another resident, near Neponset Avenue, says the man came to her door around 10 p.m. Sunday.

"I said, 'Go away, don't come back, I'm calling the police," she recalled.

That resident didn't want to identify herself, because she believes the man is often panhandling in front of a liquor store about a half mile away, and she's fearful she'll encounter him again near the stores.

"He's crossed some boundaries in his thought processes, which makes me worried about what's the next boundary that he's going to cross," she said.

In Elliot's case, he says the man looked in the window by the door.

"Looked through the window, looked right at my wife, and right at my 4-month-old son," he said. "It's one thing to do it out in front of a business. It's another thing to go to someone's home."

Elliot says he didn't call the police, but he will if the man comes back again.

The woman who didn't want to be identified says she'll be filing a police report Tuesday with the Boston Police Department to have this on record.

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