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A-Rod Loses Bet to Mark Wahlberg, Serves Up Burgers at Wahlburgers Fenway

After losing a bet on a Red Sox-Yankees game, Alex Rodriguez found himself serving up burgers in Boston at Wahlburgers' Fenway location over the weekend.

Actor Mark Wahlberg apparently made a bet with Rodriguez back in August that the Sox would sweep the Yankees. When they did, Wahlberg got A-Rod on the phone and made him report to duty Sunday at Wahlburgers — one of the restaurants he co-owns with brothers Donnie and Paul.

In a video posted by ESPN, Rodriguez is greeted by Paul Wahlberg, who makes him flip burgers, serve customers and re-fill ice at the bar. A-Rod even attempts to make alcoholic drinks.

On Instagram, Rodriguez said he held up his end of the deal and posted his own clip of the experience.

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