A Turkey with a Limp is Going Viral in Reading

A turkey with a limp has the whole town keeping up to date on his whereabouts

A turkey is the talk of the town in Reading, Massachusetts.

The turkey, which residents have named Limpy, has been spotted limping all around Reading. 

The bird limps through the busy streets, stopping traffic throughout town and even on busy Route 128.

The residents of Reading have created a Facebook Group called Limpy the Town Turkey where people post sightings, including photos and video. 

Limpy has been pictured getting into standoffs with the 136 bus, on top of a USPS mail truck, but mostly just limping around town.

Residents are looking for funding to pay for someone to safely remove Limpy before he becomes Thanksgiving dinner for a bus. They have even made a logo and are selling T-shirts to honor the town turkey.

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