Source: Authorities Dig in Taunton in Connection to 17-Year-Old Cold Case

Authorities are digging at a site in Taunton, Massachusetts, in connection to the disappearance of a woman back in 2000, a source told the NBC Boston Investigators Thursday night.

Taunton Police confirmed that they are on scene at Bryan Drive as part of an "active investigation," but authorities are saying very little. A source, however, says the investigation is tied to a 17-year-old cold case — the disappearance of Debbie Melo in June of 2000.

Melo was last seen in Weymouth. Her husband, Luis Melo, claimed she got out of his car during a heated argument on Route 18 and never came back.

Luis Melo failed to report his wife missing for almost 24 hours. Still, police have never been able to tie anyone to a crime.

Aerial footage Thursday afternoon showed a backhoe digging in the front yard of a home in what appears to be a residential area. Several police cruisers are also on scene.

Police said any further information would have to come from the Bristol County District Attorney's Office.

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