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4 German Shepherds in ‘Unprecedented' Animal Cruelty Case Remain in Shelter

While 32 German shepherds have been adopted after being seized in New Hampshire, four dogs remain in search of their forever homes.

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An unprecedented animal cruelty case in New Hampshire is finally coming to an end.

Most of the 36 German shepherds that have been held as evidence at the New Hampshire SPCA for the last two years have finally been adopted, but four dogs remain.

Foxy has spent almost two years at the shelter — two years without a home, and two years without nearly enough kisses.

"Day after day after day, they're desperate for some human companionship," said Kelly Marinel of the NHSPCA.

Foxy and Nori are two of the nearly two dozen dogs rescued from an Alexandria barn at the beginning of 2018. Authorities only found the animals because they were investigating a fire that killed more than 30 dogs at a nearby property. Nori and her friends were found in metal crates in temperatures below freezing.

The three dozen German shepherds were held at the NHSPCA as live evidence while their owner's case worked its way through the justice system.

"This case was absolutely unprecedented," said NHSPCA spokesperson Sheila Ryan.

The shelter has spent more than $600,000 caring for the animals — the most ever for a single case. Finally, this fall, the dogs went up for adoption after their former owner surrendered them and pleaded guilty to several charges.

Most of the dogs, including Callie, Dora, Houdini and Paige, have already found their new families.

"Seeing them, those that have already gone home, has been the highlight of the better part of two years," Ryan said.

But those four remaining dogs are still waiting, still hoping to go home for the holidays.

"That would be amazing," Marinel said while getting kisses from Foxy. "That would be everything."

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