Revere Beach

After Fights at Revere Beach, Police Warn Behavior ‘Will Not Be Tolerated'

A large crowd that gathered near the bandstand Saturday turned violent; one person was taken to the hospital with serious injuries

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With the arrival of the warm weather, a handful of arrests at Revere Beach this weekend is raising concerns about safety this summer.

“It’s predictable and it’s going to happen especially in the summer since a lot of people are going to be out now,” one woman said. 

A large crowd that gathered near the bandstand Saturday turned violent. State Police patrol the state-run beach and say there was a series of fights. In all, five juveniles were arrested; one was taken to the hospital with serious injuries.

”It was very hot outside and there was definitely a lot of teenagers here partying. It definitely got overwhelming for them,” another woman said.

There were also arrests at Hampton Beach in New Hampshire after police broke up disruptive crowds there this weekend. Last spring, there were a number of fights at beaches in New England, events organized and prompted on TikTok.

The fights last year occurred at places like White Horse Beach in Plymouth and Hampton Beach, where combatants wore boxing gloves. It’s unclear if that’s what happened at Revere Beach this weekend.

”Like I was saying, there’s not enough police presence,” one man said of Revere Beach. 

With the unofficial start of summer still two weeks away, Revere‘s mayor says the city will continue to work keep the country’s first public beach safe.

"Unfortunately, when the warm weather returns some forget how to enjoy our recreational areas responsibly - this type of behavior will not be tolerated," Revere Mayor Brian Arrigo said in a statement. 

State police are warning people, if you come to beach to make trouble, there will be consequences. 

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