Aggressive Turkeys Cause Trouble in Woburn Neighborhood

A group of about five wild turkeys has been engaging in mayhem on Nashua Street in Woburn, Massachusetts

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Meaghan Tolson lives under constant attack from some unruly neighbors in Woburn, Massachusetts — a flock of about five wild turkeys that roam freely on Nashua Street.

"I am being described as the turkey whisperer," said Tolson. "You definitely hear them before you see them."

About two years ago, Tolson began to find them in her front yard.

"It started with one turkey. His name is Kevin. I named him," she noted.

They usually come out at sunrise and sunset looking to feed and cause some mayhem. Everyone is fair game.

"I feel like Kevin kind of hypes them up, and Kevin is like 'Let's chase these people,' and they're like, 'Let's do it,'" Tolson imagined them saying.

Neighbors came flocking to talk to NBC10 Boston about the terrifying turkeys after noticing the news crew in their neighborhood.

"I do have some crazy stories to tell!" said Devin Farren. "They're up at 6 a.m. in my lawn and start chasing us, trying to pop the tires. It's wild!"

"A turkey was literally right at my front door. I opened it and I was like, 'Oh my god,' and I'm slowly backing away from it. I was freaking out," described Farren's older sister, Reese.

"We were honking at them, and they don't care," said Reese's friend, Rachel Dabriel. "They have some, like, serious personalities."

No one living on the block knows where they came from or why the turkeys are being aggressive, but 8-year-old Leo Tangu proposed a solution.

"Kill them and eat them," he suggested.

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