Airbnb: Rent a Room in the McCormack Housing Development

Oh boy, looks like one tenant of the Mary Ellen housing development in Southie is in a bit of hot water. 

According to a column by Adrian Walker in the Boston Globe, this resident has been renting out their one-bedroom unit on Airbnb for $36 a night.  And people have been renting it pretty steadily since 2016.  Here’s an excerpt from the ad on the home-sharing platform:

“This is a real (ungentrified) Boston neighborhood. With real people inhabiting it. Everyone from here in my courtyard was born and raised in Boston. Might be a couple people hanging around having a beverage, but when it comes down to it, they will look out for you more than themselves.”

There have been over 131 reviews on Airbnb for this unit – and in most of these reviews, people enjoyed their stay in the “oldest public housing development” in the city. 

Needless to say, the Boston Housing Authority has started the process to evict the tenant.   

On a side note, we have to give the tenant an A for effort on being resourceful and entrepreneurial. 

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